The Tsambagarav Mountain, located in the Altai mountain range, is a mesmerizing peak in western Mongolia. This picturesque snow-covered mountain sits between Bayan-Olgii and Khovd provinces. It boasts a rich history, as it was considered an unconquerable summit for local nomads in centuries past. Numerous legends surround those who attempted to reach its peak, including tales of fearless nomads ascending without any ropes or equipment. Today, Tsambagarav Mountain has become a coveted destination for both local and international mountain enthusiasts, yearning to witness its beauty.

In addition to the thrilling climbing adventures it offers, exploring the surroundings of Tsambagarav Mountain allows visitors to immerse themselves in the captivating culture of the region’s nomadic families. You will have the opportunity to visit and interact with these families, gaining insight into their enigmatic way of life.

Tsambagarav Mountain consists of two peaks, with its highest point known as Tsast Uul, towering at an elevation of 4,193 meters (13,757 ft). The other peak shares the same name, Tsambagarav (coordinates: 48.655196, 90.847063). This mountain holds great spiritual significance within the local community, making it a revered site in Mongolia.

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