Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall, also known as Orkhon Waterfall, is indeed a stunning natural attraction located in central Mongolia. It is situated along the Orkhon River, which flows through the Kharkhorin area in the Ovorkhangai province.

Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall is a magnificent sight, with water cascading from a height of approximately 20 meters (66 feet). The surrounding scenery is breathtaking, with lush green landscapes and rocky cliffs adding to the picturesque setting.

To reach Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall, you can arrange transportation from the nearby town of Kharkhorin. It is recommended to hire a local driver or join a guided tour, as the roads can be rough and challenging to navigate without prior experience.

Visiting the waterfall allows for various activities and experiences. You can take a leisurely hike to the waterfall, enjoying the serene atmosphere and panoramic views. Additionally, you might have the opportunity to witness local nomadic herders and their livestock in the surrounding area, giving you a glimpse into traditional Mongolian life.

It’s worth noting that Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall is particularly beautiful during the summer months when the flow is stronger, thanks to the snowmelt from the surrounding mountains. However, it can be equally captivating in other seasons when the landscape transforms with autumn colors or winter snow.

Remember to bring appropriate footwear and clothing, as well as some snacks and water, as facilities in the area might be limited. Spending time at Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall immerses you in the natural wonders of Mongolia and promises a remarkable and tranquil experience.