Nestled in the enchanting wilderness of the Altai Mountains in western Mongolia, lies a collection of awe-inspiring waterfalls waiting to be discovered. Among these natural wonders, the magnificent Baga Turgen waterfall holds a special place. Located in the Turgen gorge near the serene Khoton and Khurgan Lakes, this waterfall captivates with its impressive beauty.

Plunging down from a towering cliff that stands at 36 meters high, the Baga Turgen waterfall splits into two distinct cascades. The larger cascade is a breathtaking sight, reaching a staggering height of 23 meters, while the smaller cascade descends gracefully from 13 meters above.

Surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of the Turgen valley, the waterfall creates an idyllic setting that beckons hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. The valley is steeped in history, harboring intriguing historical relics waiting to be explored.

Preserved by its isolated location along the border region and the challenging terrain of the surrounding roads, the Baga Turgen waterfall and its untamed surroundings remain untouched, offering an unforgettable experience for those who venture into this pristine corner of Mongolia.