The primary practitioners of eagle hunting are the Kazakh community, an ethnic group residing in western Mongolia. The Kazakh people, who are of Turkish descent, constitute the largest minority group in the country and can also be found in neighboring Eurasian countries such as Kazakhstan. The tradition of falconry, which involves using birds to hunt for food, has been prevalent in Asian countries for centuries, and eagle hunting follows in this ancient tradition.

When the Kazakh people migrated from Kazakhstan to Mongolia in order to escape communist rule, they brought with them thousands of years of history, which greatly enhanced the significance of eagle hunting in Mongolia. The region of Bayan Ulgii, where the majority of the Kazakh community resides, serves as a center for preserving their cultural traditions, including eagle hunting, as well as their music, artwork, and cuisine. By immersing yourself in the Kazakh culture, you will gain a comprehensive experience, especially if you choose to witness the ancient and revered sport of eagle hunting in their region of Mongolia.