The Tsaatan, also known as the Dukha or Reindeer Herders, are a unique community residing in the northernmost region of Mongolia. Nestled in the Khuvsgul and Selenge provinces, they have preserved their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle centered around reindeer herding.

The Tsaatan people rely on their herds for sustenance, transportation, and cultural significance. They have a deep bond with their reindeer, which provide resources such as milk, fur, and antlers. The reindeer act as companions and are an integral part of their everyday lives.

Visiting the Tsaatan community allows you to immerse yourself in their rich cultural heritage. It is essential to respect their customs, traditions, and the natural environment they depend on. To have an authentic experience, it is advised to arrange guided tours or seek assistance from knowledgeable locals who can facilitate respectful interactions.

Be prepared for the rugged and remote nature of the region. The Tsaatan camps are often located in picturesque settings amidst stunning landscapes. You may have the opportunity to witness traditional Tsaatan dwellings, called “Uuks,” which are teepee-like structures made from reindeer skins.

Interacting with the Tsaatan provides insight into their unique way of life. You can learn about their nomadic practices, observe traditional crafts, participate in daily activities like milking reindeer or learning the art of riding a reindeer sled. It is also an opportunity to savor traditional Tsaatan cuisine and enjoy their extraordinary hospitality.

The Tsaatan community embodies a deep connection with nature